Would you also like to get a breath of fresh air on the water? Go with us. We sail on the "Meridiaan" or "Vrijheid". Under the guidance of the skipper, we sail on the IJsselmeer, among other things. Everyone can and should help, of course to your own possibilities. You will make this all possible with a team of volunteers. You will discover that you can do more than you think now.


2 youth tours (October)

2 family trips

Top sail schooner "De Vrijheid"

Because of its imposing appearance, De Vrijheid is an eye-catcher in every port. The nave is also worth a tribute inside: the warm mahogany interior and the nautical decor create a pleasant and maritime atmosphere. De Vrijheid has a stairlift for people who have difficulty walking. Weather or no weather, the skipper of De Vrijheid always wants a cruise! It feels a bit like Captain Rob and the adventures of his sailing ship De Vrijheid. The impressive ship sails you with no effort, but your help is desirable! Even with less heavy weather, both the crew and the more than 500 square meters of sail surface ensure that there is always something to do on deck. But you do not have to do anything! Finally, the ship is not called Freedom for nothing.
Plenty of seating space in the day room and deckhouse
Below deck is a spacious and cozy day room and an open kitchen. At the end of a sailing day it is pleasant to relax in the deck house with the cozy seating area and bar with beer tap. Nice chatting with your travel companions, playing games, noses in the onboard library and a guitar for when it really gets fun. Drying is not possible, but sailing towards the seal banks is. Once there, rubber boats are deposited on the seal banks. The skipper is well known on the flats and knows where to find the beautiful spots.
Spend the night on board the "Vrijheid"
Below deck are eight stylish cabins: two, four, five and six-person cabins, each of two. All beds are longer than two meters and all cabins have central heating and cold and warm running water.
Nothing is known about the history of De Vrijheid. A special addition to current history is that the ship annually offers space for unique sailing trips with Heroes4Life. Stichting Heroes4Life organizes sailing trips for seriously, chronically ill children and young adults and their immediate family.

Klipper "Meridiaan"

Embark on the clipper Meridiaan for a wonderful sailing trip. Whether you are an active sailor or prefer to sit back and enjoy the passing vistas, you can do it on board! Even if you have less mobility, you can experience a great cruise. With the electric sword and the winches for the operation of jib and jib, sailing is made a lot easier, so fine for those who like to take control ...
Everyone fun and comfort on deck
On the deck of the Clipper "Meridiaan" there is a spacious cockpit where you can sit comfortably. Thanks to the high railing around the children, the children stay safely on board. Older people and guests with a physical disability can also sail comfortably on this two-masted boat. Thanks to a new staircase and stairlift, benches with handrail, a wider passage to the railing and more convenient passage to the cockpit, you are pleasant on deck. The "Meridiaan" has many adjustments to sail with a maximum of manpower. One can sail on manpower and / or with the help of electric sailors. It offers the possibility of optimally / maximally sailing with sick, disabled or older people. For the sporty sailors you can also sail on the hand.
Cosiness and convenience on board
Below deck you will find a warm wooden interior. The day room of this clipper offers you a nice space to get together, for example for a tasty dinner, a cozy drink or playing a board game. Thanks to the open kitchen you can prepare the meals without having to miss out on the cosiness. The handy stairlift on board the "Meridiaan" offers people who have difficulty walking a comfortable stay. And thanks to the new bar with tap and extra space for putting down the food you will be made even easier.
Wheelchair friendly
Our ship is wheelchair friendly for wheelchairs of max. 60 cm width. In order to be able to use showers and toilets optimally, a brief stamina must be available.
Stay overnight on board the "Meridiaan"
There are eight cabins on the "Meridiaan"; four double and four four-person cabins. All cabins are equipped with central heating, so even on cool days you will not get cold. The sanitary facilities have been extended with supports and brackets, which allow elderly and disabled people to sit more easily on the toilet. In the showers you will find a seat to be able to shower while sitting.
In 1903 the "Meridiaan" was launched to serve as a cargo ship until 1982. In those years, some things have been rebuilt on the ship. After the last refurbishment, this clipper sails again as a two-master, as it was originally intended.